Celebrate Birth’s 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Pregnancy comes with a lot of unknowns, especially if it is your first time, which means that you may have many questions. To make it a little easier on you, we have rounded up 8 of our most frequently asked questions that might be on the top of your mind! 

1. Question: Do you accept my insurance?  How can I find out what my financial responsibility will be? 

Answer: Yes, we accept almost all private insurances and we are in-network with BCBS and Aetna. To get an estimate of what your insurance might pay, you can complete a verification of benefits (VOB). Click here and use PIN 12798 to get started!

We also accept Medicaid and we are contracted with the Sunshine Health, Simply, and Better Health HMOs.

2. Question: Will you prorate the fee for me if I come into care late? 

Answer: No, we do not prorate our fees because doing so might encourage someone to compromise their prenatal care for the sake of finances.

3. Question: Does it cost more to labor/deliver in the water?

Answer: The only additional cost for someone seeking to labor/deliver in the water is for our home birth clients using our inflatable birthing tub. The extra cost is $45 for a liner for the tub. Laboring or delivering in our tub at the birth center is quite popular and included in our cost of care.

4. Question: Am I considered high risk because of my age? 

Answer: No. Mothers over the age of 40 are noted in our risk assessment, but that factor alone does not mean they are “high risk.” Things that might make you high-risk include: 

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Epilepsy
  • A bleeding disorder
  • Taking medications for psychiatric issues
  • Or having had a prior cesarean section.

These issues do not necessarily mean we cannot care for you, just that we will need to consult with a Maternal Fetal Medicine doctor to confirm you are appropriate for our practice.

5. Question: Can I tour your facility? 

Answer: Yes, we hold tours at least twice a month, once on a Tuesday evening and once on a Saturday morning. Please call our office to schedule. If you would like to take a virtual tour, you can do so here

6. Question: How many people can I have present at my appointments or when I deliver?  

Answer: We do not have any restrictions on the number of people present at your appointments or delivery. Of course, we do request that everyone you invite is there to help with the process!  From our staff, you can expect to have the midwife and the birth assistant who are on call there when you deliver. Anyone else is up to you! 

7. Question: Will I still need to see an OB while I am in care with your midwives?  

Answer: Our midwives provide complete care for healthy, low-risk mothers, and there is no need for these clients to see an obstetrician. However, if a client begins to show signs of certain risk factors, collaborative care with an OB might be necessary.

8. Question: Do you perform ultrasounds in the office?  How many ultrasounds will I have to get? 

Answer: We send our clients to a local diagnostic imaging center for any necessary ultrasounds, and that office forwards the reports to our midwives for review. We may order an ultrasound early in the pregnancy if we need to verify the estimated due date.  For all clients, at least one ultrasound will be done mid-way through the pregnancy to check on things like the baby’s anatomy, fluid levels, and the position of the placenta.  Follow-up ultrasounds will be ordered as indicated.

Do you have a question that wasn’t on this list? We would be happy to answer it for you! Give us a call at 863-680-2229 or send us a message.