Water Birth at Celebrate Birth

We’re often asked if we offer water birth here at Celebrate Birth, and the answer to that question is… YES! The birth center is a comfortable and home-like birth setting with two birthing suites to choose from, and one has a large built-in soaker tub for those who are interested in water birth.  We do not charge extra for this option, though if you are choosing to have a home birth and would like to use our blow-up birthing pool we do require you to purchase a liner.

A water birth means that at least part of your labor, delivery, or both happen while in a birth pool or tub. During your water birth, you can choose to use the tub for just laboring or for delivery as well. Water birth is a safe and popular option among moms. Since the baby has already been in the amniotic fluid sac for nine months, giving birth in the water provides a similar, gentler environment for the baby to arrive in and often a less stressful one for the mother.

Additionally, water can be a great pain management tool; most of our moms say they experienced a reduction in labor pain and were more comfortable during the pushing stage while in the water.

There are many other benefits associated with water birth, such as: 

  • conserving the mother’s energy during labor so she has stamina for the pushing stage, 
  • giving the mother a feeling of buoyancy and weightlessness, 
  • helping the mother’s blood pressure to stay low,
  • and providing relaxation both physically and mentally.

Water birth does have a disadvantage, though, in that it doesn’t allow the mother to get into different positions that can help the baby rotate and descend, so in some cases, it may lessen the effectiveness of the contractions or even temporarily stall the labor process. On occasion, we have had to ask a laboring mother to wait to get into the tub or even to get out of the water for a bit in order for labor to progress a little further.  Usually, moms can return to the tub for delivery if they so wish. 

For those who prefer a natural childbirth approach and wish to avoid the use of pharmacological pain relief methods, water birth is a great option. If you would like more information on water birth or any of our other services, you can reach us at 863-680-2229 or send us a message on our website!