2021 Year in Review

Every year we like to do a recap and look back on the year we had at Celebrate Birth. It’s a fun way to reflect on all of the beautiful births we were a part of. Thank you to everyone who played a part in our story in 2021!

The Numbers:

A total of 135 births in 2021!

We attended 70 births – 23 home births and 47 at the birth center – and 20 of those were water births.  33 girls and 37 boys.

Melissa: 41

Michelle: 29

We cared for an additional 65 women who delivered their babies in the hospital.  We are honored to have been a part of all of these pregnancies as well and for the opportunity to support many of them through a portion of their labor.

We had 26 clients who had previously welcomed siblings with Celebrate Birth!  We would like to thank them for trusting us again with their care.  

Eleanor Brave was the first baby of 2021, born at the birth center on January 20th at 2:09 am weighing 7#10oz. The second baby of the year was our very own Devon’s!  Finn Leonidas was born that same day, January 20th at 11 pm weighing 7#9oz.

May was our busiest month with a total of 20 babies born, 9 of those births attended by our midwives out of the hospital (2 home births, 7 at our birth center).

10 times this past year we had 2 babies born within 24 hours of each other, and 6 of those times were on the same calendar day.  Our busiest day of the year was May 27th when we welcomed 3 babies!  First, Sollis Creed arrived at 4:03 am weighing an even 8#.  Then later in the day, we had Declan Noel (8:11 pm, 7#1oz) and Noah Nathaniel (8:36 pm, 8#3oz) arrive just 25 minutes apart!  Such a fun day!

We had 2 babies born weighing 10 pounds or more this year!  Our largest baby was Dakota Jakob Henry, born on February 2nd at 6:03 pm weighing 10#1oz.  Only slightly smaller was Mattis Jon, born on March 6th at 9:45 am weighing exactly 10#.

Our smallest baby was little Miss Eliza Mae, born on June 11th at 9:08 am, weighing 5#12oz.

We saw a total of 142 new clients in 2021 and we look forward to meeting many of those babies in 2022!