Christmas Gift Ideas for Pregnancy & Postpartum

Christmas is just around the corner and there is no better time than Christmas to be generous to the people we love! If you or someone you know and love is expecting a little one soon, here are some great gift ideas for them.

Massage Gift Card

Pregnancy can take a toll on anyone’s mental and physical health. Whether they are an expectant mother or an expectant partner, a massage can help them relax physically while also giving them a much-needed break from any potential stressors of impending parenthood.  Treat yourself and someone you love to a great massage by purchasing a gift card here! We are running a little promotion right now too: At your next massage appointment, you’ll get the chance to win $5, $10, or $20 off your next session. Schedule by calling our LMT Victoria at 863-660-7291.

Offer to Cook a Postpartum Meal Or Provide a Postpartum Service

In the first few weeks after the delivery, new parents are sure to need a helping hand. If the timing is right, a home-cooked or ready-to-cook meal is a wonderful gift. New parents may also appreciate a helping hand cleaning the house or running a few errands for them. Healthy postpartum meal recipes are everywhere, which makes this a homemade gift truly from the heart.

Gift Basket for Pregnancy or the Postpartum Period 

Think of all the little things that make pregnancy or postpartum just a bit easier, and try making a little gift basket with items you think you might like. For example, you can add their favorite pregnancy-craving snacks or a comfortable blanket to the basket. Or you could create a self-care basket with items like candles, face masks, foot soak salts, and a heating pad to help them relax in their limited ‘me-time’.

Date Night Gift Card

A date night gift card can be a great excuse for new parents to reconnect with each other when they get the chance. Pick up a gift card to their favorite restaurant or get them a basic credit card-type gift card for them to use wherever they’d like.  If you’re giving this gift after the baby has arrived and you’re feeling extra generous, offer your babysitting services along with it!

Gift Card for Cleaning Service

Who has the energy to clean in the last couple of months of pregnancy, or time to clean with a new baby at home? A cleaning service can be a big help during the pregnancy or postpartum period. Many companies provide a great “deep cleaning” of the entire house, which may offer the expectant or new parents some time to rest and reset.

If you need a few more ideas, check out our recommended products for pregnancy and postpartum page on The Nest’s site! When you purchase any of the products on Amazon, a portion of your payment will go towards our scholarship fund, which helps our services be accessible to ALL!

What are you gifting to your loved ones to help them have a relaxing pregnancy and postpartum period this holiday season?