5 Things You May Not Have Thought to Bring to Your Birth 

As you are nearing the end of your pregnancy, it is time to start packing your birth bag! Having it prepped and ready to go ahead of time can give you and your partner some peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about last-minute preparations when the time comes.

Here are some necessities to consider adding to the bag you bring to your labor and delivery.

1. Toiletries

Having a few toiletries on hand can help you feel more comfortable during birth and in the immediate postpartum. A few we suggest packing are your toothbrush/paste, extra hair ties, and chapstick.  You may also want to bring body wash and shampoo for washing up after the delivery.  Some moms even bring massage oil for their partners to use when helping with counter pressure!

2. Electronics

Phone chargers and earbuds are great electronics to add to your bag! We suggest bringing an extra-long cord so your phone can reach you from anywhere while it’s charging. Also, consider bringing earbuds instead of headphones so they’ll be more comfortable to wear if you’re laying on your side.   

3. Clothes

Some people can go overboard on how many clothing items they bring, but a good rule of thumb is to bring a robe, sandals, socks, and an extra labor outfit in case your original labor outfit needs to be changed due to your water breaking, sweat, or possibly getting sick. Same goes for your partner – they should have a change of clothes, too, just in case.  You’ll also need a comfortable going-home outfit to wear that should be nursing-friendly if you have chosen to breastfeed your baby.  Remember, even if you’re planning a hospital delivery, you can still choose to wear your own clothes while you’re there!  Many moms feel more comfortable doing so.

4. Snacks 

Labor requires a lot of energy! When your body has the proper nutrients to function at its best, it can be easier to avoid complications and unnecessary interventions. We encourage our families to eat and drink what they can throughout labor to give them the energy and calories they need to deliver their baby – and that goes for both the laboring mother AND her partner. Try out these snack recommendations for your birth!

5. Things for baby

When packing your bag, you will want to include things for your new baby as well! Baby diapers and wipes will be necessary to bring if you are having an out-of-hospital birth, though the hospital will provide them for you if you are delivering there. And since you won’t know what size of clothes will best fit your baby, it’s a good idea to bring two different outfits, one that is newborn size and one that is 0-3 months!

Finally, something else to keep in mind is that you will need to have the baby’s car seat safely installed in your car prior to leaving your place of birth, so you won’t want to forget to add that to your checklist!

Everyone will have different things they prefer to bring but these are some of the basics that will help make your labor, delivery, and immediate postpartum experience easier and more enjoyable!