Normalize Asking for Lactation Help: When & Why to see a Lactation Consultant

We all know that taking classes to prepare for pregnancy and labor is important, but what about breastfeeding? At Celebrate Birth, we believe that taking breastfeeding classes and seeing a lactation consultant can make a big difference in breastfeeding success. If you have decided that breastfeeding is right for you, building your confidence before your baby’s first latch can make your experience easier. It is a common misconception to think you should not need to see a Lactation Consultant until after your baby arrives to help with problems that arise then, but we actually recommend seeing one during pregnancy! 

Prevention of problems and proactive preparation can be an important part of your breastfeeding journey, and seeing a lactation consultant prenatally can help to minimize the effects of whatever challenges might present themselves along the way. Some underlying health conditions can make it a little harder to get breastfeeding established, so it is good to get a head start to come up with a care plan in advance. This way, you won’t have as much to worry about during the first couple of weeks postpartum while you are trying to rest and spend time with your baby. 

Breastfeeding Classes

Statistically, moms who take advantage of classes during pregnancy have an easier start with breastfeeding their newborn. The baby is born with a rooting and sucking reflex, but breastfeeding itself is a learned behavior, so taking classes to better understand how lactation works, proper positioning of both mom and baby, and how to know that your baby is getting enough milk will set you up for success. 

The Nest, Celebrate Birth’s nonprofit partner, offers many options for breastfeeding support. Their staff includes four Certified Breastfeeding Specialists and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) who offer personalized consultations tailored to you and your baby’s needs.

Resources include:

It’s normal to need a little help when doing anything for the first time. Our staff is passionate about supporting our clients as they begin their breastfeeding journey, and that’s why we want to normalize asking for lactation help when you need it! Knowing when to get help can be an important part of your success.

Reach out if you are experiencing:

  • Nipple pain/damage
  • Supply issues
  • Slow weight gain of your baby
  • Flat nipples
  • PCOS, diabetes, or a thyroid dysfunction
  • Jaundice in your baby

Having the support of a Lactation Consultant behind you can help give you a strong start! If you want to schedule an appointment with a Lactation Consultant or take one of The Nest’s classes you can call 863-578-8633 or send them a message.