Is Prenatal Care Only for You?

We all know that making value-based choices for your life can impact your future in a positive way, and this rings just as true when it comes to birthing experiences. That is why giving women choices is a crucial part of midwifery care. When women have support from their birth team to make their own decisions, they typically have a more positive birth experience overall. At Celebrate Birth, we believe that each person has the right to choose how they want to birth. Every woman has their own ideas about what makes them feel the safest and most comfortable in regard to their medical care. To meet those different needs, one of the options we offer is Prenatal Care Only, an excellent choice for low-risk clients who are interested in prenatal midwifery care before a planned hospital delivery.

Some families prefer the environment of a hospital setting for birth but yearn for a more personalized experience when it comes to their prenatal care leading up to that moment.  With our Prenatal Care Only package, you will get our high level of midwifery care, including prenatal appointments, standard labs, ultrasound referrals, and educational classes that are beneficial to pregnancy, while also getting the hospital birth you desire. 

Regardless of where our clients choose to deliver, we take time to learn about their preferences so we can support their wishes and help them prepare for a great birth experience in any setting.

During your first appointment, we will get to know you and help you get acquainted with our practice and staff.  We’ll also discuss your health and medical history to determine your specific needs during your pregnancy. Your midwife will continue to monitor your well-being throughout your pregnancy in anticipation of a safe labor and delivery. If you choose our Prenatal Care Only option, you will pre-register at the hospital of your choice and deliver with the obstetrician or midwife who is on call there. Afterward, our midwives will continue to care for you during your postpartum period, seeing you at two weeks and again at six weeks after the birth.

If you are looking for more choices in your care and would like to know more about our Prenatal Only Care option, send us a message!