Whether you decide on natural childbirth in a birth center like Celebrate Birth, a home birth, or at a hospital, all forms of childbirth are beautiful. The key is to find the right option for you! If after considering all of your options you decide that “natural birth,” or vaginal labor and delivery with limited to no medical intervention, is the right choice for you, it’s important to start preparing right away. 

Attending childbirth education classes is an important part of preparing for the birth experience. Knowing what you can expect from your body and your baby during labor can have a significant impact on your experience. When you understand the changes your body is undergoing and how you can help the process, the birth can progress much quicker and easier. 

The Nest’s Natural Childbirth class is a great place to start preparing! The Nest is our non-profit organization partner. Celebrate Birth clients are required to attend three classes at The Nest. These classes will help them achieve their goals for a safe, natural delivery, and an easy postpartum period. One of those is the Natural Childbirth class. This class is for anyone who is planning an unmedicated birth experience. No matter where you are planning to birth – at home, in a birth center, or in a hospital – this class will be a benefit to you as you prepare to deliver without the use of medical pain relievers.

This class will dive into all topics surrounding natural childbirth such as:

  • The importance of making informed, educated decisions and how to determine what is best for you, for your baby, and for your family
  • The birth partner’s role and how they can provide support and care
  • Signs of labor and how to tell whether contractions are for practice or the “real deal!”
  • Positions, pain management techniques and coping skills, and more.

Because you will be primarily listening to your own body and instincts instead of utilizing medical intervention, natural birth methods may make you feel more empowered throughout the process of delivery. Most mothers also report having faster recovery after birth, less vaginal tearing, and shorter pushing time. Natural childbirth also gives you the ability to move around freely during labor and change birthing positions to help you feel most comfortable. At Celebrate Birth, the only “right” position to birth a baby is the one that YOU feel most comfortable in. Check out some fun ones we have seen over the years!

Celebrate Birth is an independent midwifery practice that specializes in natural childbirth. If you want to learn more about our care, send us a message or give us a call at 863-680-2229!