Fourth Trimester | Celebrate Birth

The first three months of a baby’s life after birth is known as the fourth trimester. This is a critical time period in a woman’s and baby’s life that is important to focus on. The term was coined by Dr. Harvey Karp to help describe the transition period experienced after childbirth for both the baby, the mother, and the family as a whole. In many ways, the fourth trimester is an extension of your pregnancy. 

If it was up to your new bundle of joy, they would likely prefer to stay inside even longer than the typical 40 weeks. Because of this, the first three months are meant to be a special time spent bonding with your baby, healing from the birth experience, and adjusting to life with your newest family member. This is a time for your baby to get used to the variety of noises, lights, smells, sounds, and sensations of the outside world, as well as a time for you to get used to understanding and caring for your baby and your body.

This period can often be stressful, frustrating, and exhausting. After all, this is a major life changing event. Whether it is your first baby or your last, there is a lot to do in order to care for a newborn and yourself. Are you ready for it? Most likely, you could use some additional tools to prepare. The Nest offers a great course that can help you feel informed and ready!

In the Fourth Trimester Class you will discuss:

  • Common newborn characteristics – what is normal, what is not
  • Umbilical cord care and bathing
  • How to hold, swaddle, and comfort your newborn
  • Hunger cues, breast and bottle feeding
  • Sleep patterns and safe sleeping
  • Bonding time for the whole family
  • General health and safety issues for both mom and baby
  • Postpartum bleeding and pain management
  • Hormonal changes – what to expect, what is a cause for concern
  • Emotional adjustments for both mom and partner
  • Planning for an easy postpartum period

Our goals of pregnancy care are to go beyond achieving a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby; let’s achieve a healthy mother and family too! If you are interested in the Fourth Trimester class, you can head to The Nest’s site to register!