20 Questions to Ask A Midwife

Did you know that getting to know your midwife is a very important step in your birthing process? After all, choosing a midwife is a little like dating. Just like what you would look for in any healthcare provider, you will want to have a professional by your side that you can trust and feel comfortable with. Birth is unique and personal, so you’ll want to be sure you have someone who fits with you philosophically for a confident birth.  

The midwifery philosophy is based on women-centered care. Midwives educate their patients in healthy lifestyle choices and are focused on providing complete, holistic care to women. We follow this model of care at Celebrate Birth and are focused on making our clients feel empowered through being an active participant in their pregnancy and childbirth experience.

As you start your journey to find a midwife and care model that is perfect for you, be sure to ask at least some of the questions on this list! Hint: We answer many of these questions already in our informative videos.

1.   What is your philosophy regarding pregnancy and birth and your role in it?

2.   How many births have you attended?

3.   What percentage of women successfully have a natural birth under your care?

4.   What are my chances of needing interventions during labor such as an epidural, pitocin, or a cesarean section?

5.   What percentage of your clients need to be transferred to the hospital (if planning a home birth or birth center birth) and what are the most common reasons?

6.   What is the mortality rate for moms in your care? For babies?

7.   Do you have hospital privileges? At which hospitals?

8.   If you have children, what were your birth experiences like?

9.   What is your philosophy on weight gain, nutrition, prenatal supplements, and exercise during pregnancy?

10.   What factors would risk me out of your practice?  Are you able to help me prevent these?

11.   What childbirth classes or books do you recommend?

12.   Do you typically do vaginal checks during prenatal appointments? 

13.   What will happen if I go past my estimated due date? How late can I be and still birth under your care?

14.   What testing do you perform on babies who go past their estimated due date? Starting at how many weeks?

15.   Do you have any concerns about big babies being birthed naturally?

16.   How many women are under the care of one midwife at a time?

17.   Will I be able to eat and drink during labor?

18.   How much time do you allow for the delivery of the placenta? When do you cut the cord?

19.   Are you comfortable if I choose to decline the vitamin K shot, the heel poke (PKU blood test), eye ointment, vaccinations, and/or bathing the baby while at your facility?

20.   How will my baby and I be cared for during the postpartum period?

Since everyone’s ideal birth experience is different, some of these questions may not be as relevant to you or what you are looking for. However, it’s a good place to start and as you think about what you believe to be your top priorities, you can and should add those questions to the list. If you have any questions or are curious about other topics that would be good to discuss with your potential midwife, give us a call or come in for a visit. We’d be happy to tell you more!