2019 A Year in Review: By the Numbers | Celebrate Birth

Every year we like to do a recap and look back on the year we had at Celebrate Birth. It’s a fun way to reflect on all of the beautiful births we were a part of. Thank you to everyone who played a part in our story in 2019! 

The Numbers: 

90 births total in 2019

We attended 56 births – 13 home births and 43 at the birth center.  27 girls and 29 boys.

Melissa: 14

Michelle: 23

Lanee: 19

We cared for an additional 34 women who delivered their babies in the hospital, 18 of whom were prenatal only clients with planned hospital deliveries.  We are honored to have been a part of all of these pregnancies as well, and for the opportunity to support many of them through a portion of their labor.

We had 29 clients who had previously welcomed siblings with Celebrate Birth.  We would like to thank them for trusting us again with their care.  

October and December tied for busiest months with 7 babies each.

Largest baby:

James Blake born on 3/10/19 @ 10#4

Smallest baby:

Miles Bahraum born on 2/5/19 @ 5#15

Joy Ilia was the first baby of 2019, born on 1/12/19 weighing 6#12. 

Melissa welcomed our last baby of the year, a Christmas baby – John David weighing 8#10.  

In early December, Melissa also delivered 5 babies within 71 hours of each other (that is just one-hour shy of a total of 3 days). She gets the gold star of the year!   

Six times this past year we had two babies born the same day, 3 of those births occurred at the birth center. The closest were two baby girls born on 6/13/19 just 1 hour and 19 min apart: Lula Mae @ 10:07 and Ava Joy @ 11:26 with Lanee as their midwife.

Michelle got to practice her “mobile midwifery” as two of her 23 babies decided to come faster than expected, Thalia born on 4/28 at 10:12 en route to the birth center and Sawyer Mark born on 4/28 at home at 13:55 while dad was on the phone with Michelle. Yes, this happened to Michelle on the same day 4 hours apart! These quick births always make for fun stories, but they are certainly not recommended; we midwives lose a little more hair with each of these deliveries!

And, of course, our Lanee had a beautiful birth of her own to experience on 12/13! Oscar Leon was 7#12 and born at home.

We saw a total of 118 new clients in 2019 and we look forward to meeting a lot of those babies in 2020!