For low-risk patients, the traditional OB visit can be frustrating! It sometimes feels like an all-day affair to get to the office and sit in a cramped waiting room only to spend a total of five minutes with your doctor. Many women feel unheard in this whole process, and they might leave the office feeling just as anxious as they were when they entered.

Midwives are here to remove the barriers of these outdated OB appointments and really get to know you. Pregnancy is far from the one-size-fits-all mold many obstetricians have placed it in, and what’s “normal” can change from patient to patient. A midwife will spend time with you to learn more about your life and your body. She’ll address any concerns and answer all of your questions. Midwives are also less likely to rely on unnecessary interventions and instead use natural remedies for issues such as pain management. If you’re wanting a natural childbirth, a midwife will make sure you don’t feel bullied into any procedures or routines you’re uncomfortable with.

Choosing a midwife within a birth center can be a more family friendly option! At Celebrate Birth, we understand that these prenatal visits can be a bit long for older children and we try to counter this by engaging with your kids throughout the appointment. Many kids love hearing their little sibling’s heartbeat, and we encourage them to ask questions so they understand what’s going on throughout the whole process. It can be a great learning experience as well as a way for families to bond. If your little one isn’t as intrigued by this, though, don’t stress! Our waiting room is outfitted with a play space complete with toys and books, and our staff members are more than happy to spend some time with your child so you can talk with your midwife without distraction.

Using a birth center for prenatal care can provide more resources than what might be available through an OB office. For example, we are partnered with The Nest, an organization that offers a network of resources to ensure women feel ready for their delivery and all that follows. The Nest offers classes on subjects such as Prenatal Nutrition, Natural Childbirth, and Breastfeeding. We’ll make sure that even outside of your prenatal appointments, you’ll feel as prepared as possible!

If you find that you prefer to deliver in a hospital, the midwives at Celebrate Birth are still able to provide you with the same level of personalized prenatal care during your pregnancy. Your prenatal appointments would be with our midwives, and then when you go into labor you would deliver with the obstetrician or midwife who is on call at the hospital of your choice. After your baby is born, we are able to see you for your postpartum visits as you recover from the birth and ease into parenting the new life you have created.