As an expectant mother, there is one question you’ll probably be asked over and over again: What type of pain management will you use during your delivery? You might even hear a few fun stories about your friend’s or family’s birth experiences. At Celebrate Birth, we utilize natural pain management. The risks of epidurals and IV medications are best managed in a hospital setting, so we have other tricks and techniques to get you through the big day if you’re choosing to deliver at home or in our birth center. Read on to find out some of the ways we can help you manage pain during the birthing process.

  1. Move! – One of the benefits of not being tied to an IV or catheter is that you can move around during labor. Walk, stretch, or do a yoga pose. Whatever feels good to your body is fair game. You can even head outside for a change of scenery.
  2. Take a Sip or a Bite – In a hospital setting, food and drink is generally limited to clear liquids. This feels counterintuitive when you think of all the energy your body needs to prepare for the work it’s going to do – especially if your labor is taking place during a time of day when you’re body is used to eating a meal. When utilizing natural pain management, you can provide your body with the calories it craves.
  3. Visit with Your Support People – Maybe you want just one special support person with you, or maybe you want a cheering crowd to keep you company as your labor progresses. At Celebrate Birth we encourage you to invite whomever you like into your process. Whether it’s one person or many, they can help keep you distracted from the pain and boost your confidence in your natural ability to birth.
  4. Enjoy a Soak – Take advantage of the benefits of water therapy. A warm bath can help ease your nerves and relax your muscles as you float weightlessly. Even if you don’t plan to deliver in the water, you still have the option to use our birthing tubs for pain management. Take a look at our blog post to learn more about the benefits of laboring in the water.
  5. Take the Natural Childbirth class at The Nest – Our clients are required to attend this comprehensive birthing class as a part of their care with us. In this class you’ll learn many other options for managing the discomforts of labor with natural pain relief techniques. From proper breathing techniques, how to use a birth ball, and counter pressure methods to the use of massage, visualization, and helpful positions to make the labor process easier, you will come away feeling well prepared for your birth. Even if you are planning to deliver in the hospital, the techniques learned in this class will help you achieve the natural birth you are hoping for.

You might find out while giving birth that one method works best for you, or maybe multiple techniques will help as you move through the various stages of labor and delivery. No matter what you choose to use for pain management, it is a comfort to know that you will have a variety of options and that our midwives will be there to guide and support you as you determine what works best for you!