We often hear from women who are planning a hospital birth but who are also longing for the personalized prenatal care that our midwives can offer. We are so happy to share with them that prenatal-only care is an option with us! Our goal is to make sure these women feel educated and supported every step of the way, no matter where they choose to deliver their baby, so if a mom wishes to split her care between our midwives and the hospital, we make that happen.

Here are some reasons why you might choose to receive prenatal-only care at Celebrate Birth:

1. We focus on the entire family. During your prenatal appointments, you’ll find that our waiting area contains a play space with toys and children’s books to help keep little ones entertained, and our staff is always happy to keep an eye on them if they prefer to stay and play during your appointment. Children love to be a part of prenatal exams, though, and especially enjoy listening to the baby’s heartbeat. Your appointments are a part of the important bonding process that takes place within a family during this special time, and we do what we can to facilitate that. Learn more about how your family will be included in the entire prenatal care process here.

2. Your visits with us are thorough and educational. We spend this time getting to know you and educating you about your body and pregnancy. We believe that you are an equal partner in your care. Our midwives keep an eye out for potential problems, but they know all the variations of normal and are experts in managing pregnancy with minimum intervention. Women should have care that is individualized to their unique physical, social, spiritual and psychological needs, and that is what you’ll get with the midwives at Celebrate Birth.

3. We partner with The Nest, an organization that offers classes to educate and empower women about their birth experience, and as a client of Celebrate Birth, you are able to attend their Prenatal Nutrition class, Breastfeeding Basics class, and Natural Childbirth class for free! The Nest has a network of natural childbirth professionals who can help you with any part of your journey including pregnancy, birth, baby care and safety, parenting, and health and wellness.

At Celebrate Birth we believe that a woman deserves to have personalized prenatal care with a care provider who is attentive and considerate of her preferences in pregnancy and birth. Our clients come to us for the best care possible, whether they prefer to see us only for prenatal care or if they deliver with our midwives as well. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of midwifery care.