It’s is no surprise that pregnancy can come with aches and pains. It is completely natural to feel uncomfortable while your body adapts to fit your growing baby! Getting a prenatal massage can be extremely beneficial to your physical and emotional health throughout pregnancy. But it’s important to work with a massage therapist that you feel comfortable with, trust, and someone who is well-trained in giving a prenatal massage.

Here are a few reasons why it is important to get regular prenatal massages:

  • Prenatal massage enhances circulation, which provides more oxygen and nutrients both to mother and baby. Blood circulation stimulates the lymph system, and increases immunity and removal of toxins.
  • Prenatal massage calms your nervous system. A peaceful and calm mom, equals a peaceful and calm baby. When your nervous system is calm and relaxed your digestion is enhanced, you don’t release stress hormones, and your immune system is in it’s optimum state.
  • Prenatal massage helps to relieve stress on your joints. As baby gets bigger and bigger, more stress is placed upon our hip, back, chest, shoulders, legs, feet and neck everyday. Prenatal massage helps alleviate that stress so mom feels more comfortable during pregnancy.
  • Prenatal massage gives mom time for self-care during pregnancy. Carrying and growing a baby requires a lot of energy! Take time to receive emotional and physical support with a nurturing and therapeutic touch.

Who wants more reasons to get a prenatal massage?! Meredith Fisher our massage therapist is sharing all the massage benefits for mom and baby in the video below. If you are looking for a few more reasons to get a prenatal massage: The sun is out. The sun isn’t out. It’s early in the morning. It’s been a long day. You are pregnant. You want to relax. It’s Monday. It’s Tuesday. It’s Wednesday. It’s Thursday. It’s Friday. Or our personal favorite, you just want a massage. Book with us now: