Pregnancy can get overwhelming, there are a lot of changes to your body physically and emotionally. We would never tell you not to celebrate or indulge in the occasional treat, in fact, you deserve it! We just suggest maintaining a healthy nutrient filled diet the majority of the time.

There are a few benefits to filling your body with nutrients and keeping a healthy diet during pregnancy:

  • It keeps your baby on track developmentally. Healthier babies are more resilient in labor; they handle the pressure of the contractions and the descent well.
  • Your placenta stays productive. It helps makes sure your placenta is healthy enough to filter nutrients to the baby, stays adhered to the uterine wall during pregnancy and labor, and continues to send oxygen to the baby during contractions.
  • Coordinated and efficient contractions. When the uterus is working efficiently, the contractions are more productive and labor will be quicker.
  • Keeps amniotic membranes strong. It is best for the amniotic membranes to stay intact for as long as possible, even in labor. This will make the contractions a little more comfortable for mom and baby and it will allow mom to labor longer. Once the water has broken, mom will need to deliver baby within 24 hours.
  • Protection from infection. Any infection or illness that the mom contracts could be a potential harm to the baby, whether directly or indirectly.
  • The mother’s comfort during pregnancy. The healthier mom is, the better her body systems will work and keep common pregnancy symptoms to a minimum.
  • An easier recovery and postpartum period.  Healthier moms are more resilient as well!

When you look at all the benefits that your diet can have for you and your baby, it is almost crazy NOT to want to make a few changes to your diet. If you are interested in learning more about nutrition during pregnancy we offer an incredible class at The Nest. If you want to learn more about our available prenatal nutrition classes you can find them here!