Do you feel like pregnancy and postpartum cravings are hitting you HARD lately? We hear about so many crazy combinations of food at the birth center, but they don’t always sound very healthy. Of course we would never tell you that you can’t splurge every once and awhile because, well, brownies exist. We just want you to know that the majority of the time you should be grabbing healthy snacks.

How do we define a healthy pregnancy and postpartum snack? The best snacks are ones that are both nutritious and satisfying. They should leave you feeling comfortably full but not stuffed, and they should contribute to your overall dietary needs. Your snacks should offer some kind of nutritional value that’s especially important for women like  calcium, protein, fiber, iron, or folate. You should be trying to eat unprocessed foods that don’t have a lot of sugar.

It wouldn’t be fair of us to expect you to eat healthy snacks if we weren’t going to share a few of our favorites with you. So here are 10 healthy Celebrate Birth- midwife approved snack ideas for you!

1. Apple slices & peanut butter

2. Raw veggies (carrots cucumbers, peppers, etc.) dipped in hummus

3. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit & granola

4. A smoothie – use milk or greek yogurt (A+ if you add in some spinach to make it green!)

5. Grapes and cheddar cheese cubes

6. Baked cinnamon apple chips (buy them here or make them at home!)

7. Whole grain pita chips dipped in hummus.

8. Crispy kale chips topped with grated parmesan (make them at home!)

9. Peanut Butter Energy Bites (make them)

10. Breakfast Cookies -easy for busy moms! (buy them here)

What was your favorite snack during pregnancy and postpartum? We want to know in the comment section below.