It has been a few months since we have settled in to our new office space at The Nest and we are loving it!! Have you popped in for a visit or for your first prenatal appointment yet? Come on by during our office hours for a tour! (Please give us a quick call first if you’re planning on swinging by around lunchtime, just to be sure we’re there.)

The soft launch of The Nest, our non-profit organization, back in October has generated quite a bit of buzz in the community. We’re hearing a lot of excitement about our vision for a resource center that serves the needs of our local families through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and the early years of parenting. The Nest truly will be a place Where Families Grow! As we grow, ourselves, we’d like to address a few frequently asked questions about how Celebrate Birth is partnering with The Nest and what each entity is currently offering the mothers and families of Lakeland and it’s surrounding areas.

What is the difference between Celebrate Birth and The Nest?

Celebrate Birth is a midwifery practice that serves women and families during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period. At The Nest, we offer prenatal care to women who are planning on delivering in a hospital, in their own home, or at our birth center (located at 1525 Edgewater Beach Drive in Lakeland). For more information about all of the services offered through Celebrate Birth, please visit our SERVICES tab at the top of this page.

The Nest, located at 3838 Lakeland Hills Boulevard, is a developing non-profit organization that serves the community through carefully designed programs and support groups in order to enact positive changes within local families. Currently, The Nest offers a variety of educational opportunities for expectant and new parents as well as a monthly child-friendly support group for mothers. It also provides the space for the offices of Celebrate Birth – it is where we hold our prenatal and postpartum clinic appointments and where our administrative work is handled. Soon, the building will include a retail store stocked with specialty items for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, motherhood, parenting, child development, nutrition, and more. In the future, The Nest will also offer nutritional counseling and lactation consulting as well as other resources to promote the health and wellness of families in our community.

How will The Nest benefit our clients?

Clients of Celebrate Birth are required to attend four of the classes that are offered by The Nest: Prenatal Nutrition, Breastfeeding Basics, Natural Childbirth and Your Celebrated Birth. (Of course, we encourage everyone to also attend any other classes that pertain to their own individual needs.) Some of the classes taught by the instructors at The Nest might look familiar – they were previously offered by Celebrate Birth, but the curricula has been updated and new programs have been developed to support women and families throughout the community, regardless of whether or not they are clients of Celebrate Birth.

Who should I contact about my needs and interests?

As the resources at The Nest continue to develop, more and more of our community’s needs will be met. For now, it serves as a center for educational growth. Please visit the website or call 863-578-8633 for more information.

Contact us at Celebrate Birth (863-680-2229) for tours of our birth center, to begin your prenatal care, to reschedule your appointments, or for any other questions regarding your pregnancy and postpartum health.

We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing you at The Nest soon!